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Teleprompters and operator

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We can offer several different renting options of our professional teleprompter services. Our 10, 15, 17 and 24 inches teleprompter monitors are compatible with a wide range of cameras with the option to be both wireless and portable (upon request). With high-quality glasses providing great balance between pass-through and reflection without distortion, this through-the-lens teleprompters are a fantastic option for both professional studios on location. It is quick and easy to set up and offers a larger screen to support reading the script from a longer distance. We can provide extra monitors for clients and production staff who need to watch during the filming and for script monitoring. There is also the option to offer an extra monitor for the talent to watch both the teleprompter and themselves on camera, which can be extremely helpful.

iP Expedition Media offer a flexible and complete autocue teleprompter kit together with the relevant iPad devices with the possibility of connecting your own iPad devices to our equipment. Large monitors are also available to rent as an extra service, if required. Scripts and autocue sheets can be easily uploaded. It is possible to change or edit scripts on fly in the studio or on location to accommodate for different requirements, with the option of different text sizes, fonts and colours for a better reading and visual experience.

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iP Expedition Media provides a comprehensive and versatile autocue teleprompter hiring service, both operating in a studio and delivered at your location. The entire teleprompter system will be set up and operated for you by our team to meet your video filming requirements. The teleprompter can be controlled either on the move with the camera on shoulder or on a camera tripod, with the option to connect and synch multiple monitors and / or tablet devices. 

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